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d & d Adventures

We are not planning Adventures at this time.

Are you interested in taking a trip into Nevada's Wild Outback?
Out to rugged, beautiful places you would never venture to go to alone.
Would you like to sleep under the stars leaving all the details to someone else?
Send us your idea of a Nevada getaway or location scout and we'll see if we can make it happen!

! The Details

Photo © Linda Dufurrena
Fabulous Nevada Books! Fifty Miles from Home :
Riding the Long Circle on a Nevada Family Ranch
by Linda Dufurrena
(Photographer), Carolyn Dufurrena (writer)

Sharing Fencelines :
3 Friends Write from Nevadas Sagebrush Corner
Carolyn Dufurrena, Linda Hussa, Sophie Sheppard

inda Hussa's Books
Lige Langston Sweet Iron and ; Where The Wind Lives

Joyce Vetter's CDs & DVDs

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