Joyce Vetter Bio

Spontaneous and mesmerizing, Joyce Vetter's own unique sound creates a chemistry able to transcend the moment. She can weave in and out of complex lyrical themes built around relationships with man and nature, social conscience, or the simple wild and bluesy fun of dancing the night away.

Joyce covers diverse musical terrain with her style, based on country and root-blues techniques but draws liberally from jazz, classical and rock idioms.

"The Blue Rose Case" Joyce's third album is being greatly embraced, Available on this website or any Music retail outlet. Exuding with energy and soul, Joyce's genre bending distinctive style truly represents Americana.

This creative muse was raised in the multicultural region of northern Nevada listening to colorful Basque folk songs played with accordion. She overheard root blues on high desert rickety back porches and cowboys lamenting outside gambling houses and nearby honky tonks. By age four Joyce had begun to unlock what has become a truly unique sound.

"There is always a melody running though my mind," the sensitivity of a songwriter bottled in the heart of a performer. By her teen age years Joyce's powerful voice and dynamic presence landed her into the company of Idaho's celebrated Recording Artists. There her creativity blossomed and she found her calling for making records.

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Passion moved Joyce on and into the production of Porsche commercials and music videos such as best video nominee, Dwight Yoakham's "Streets of Bakersfield." By the late 80's Joyce Vetter was living in the San Francisco bay area where she met up with and was greatly influenced by artists such as John Hiatt, Jesse Colin Young, David Grisman and Ramblin' Jack Elliot. Those friendships through music making was an exciting time for Joyce; it nourished her desire for superior craftsmanship.

Enjoying appearances on television and radio as well as performing on soundtracks of internationally released PBS specials, Joyce is also a teaching artist. She's been given best regional songwriter award and top honors for best performing artist at the Tahoe West Coast Talent Expo. Young adult and Childrens theatre is a great passion for Joyce, she has co-written & co-directed the creation and production of six original plays; A Kite's Tail, Tommelise, Gilgamesh, Through The Looking Glass, Baba Yaga and Nermul USA. Joyce is sponsored by Northern Nevada's largest music store chain, Maytan Music. Joyce is available to schools, colleges, community groups and theaters on a per project basis. For funding assistance and/or artist in residence questions contact Joyce at

In addition to the three albums and soundtracks that Joyce has recorded, she helped produce and
wrote the score for a video music album called “Home Means Nevada” featuring the photography of renown Nevada artist Linda Dufurrena, The State of Nevada incorporated the video to promote tourism and boost education in schools. Joyce is also a performing member of “Desert Scrapbook”. An all woman show of extremely accomplished talents who combine their disciplines of painting, writing, music and photography to weave an artistic tapestry of the lives of women in the High Desert.

Joyce is currently writing and producing a sound scape to reflect artist Sophie Sheppard's paintings for the River Center in Alturas, California, a collaboration of Farmers, Ranchers, Environmentalists, US Forest Service, BLM and artists to better understand and manage the Klamath Basin water shed.

Joyce and Photographer Mark Vollmer are in production for a fall release of a DVD of the High Sierra and Great Basin.

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