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Shinny Little Penny

Don't you worry
About these dark times
come here in the comfort of my arms
tell you a nursery rhyme
Blow away the sadness
wipe away your tears
your in the comfort of my arms
leave those frets away from here
Blues won't chase you
No your my shinny little penny

A dab a dose of comfort
and a daub of honeys tea
throw out those black days
cause now your hear with me
I feel it when your close
I love you the most
you will always be
mama's shinny penny
Oh but my blues won't leave me
oh but my heart is cold
I've got all these memories
they like me are growing old
hear nothing come in the rain won't you see
that your my shinny little penny

Gabby as I can be
the birds songs whisper from the trees
hold me to my knees
when the clouds in my coffee are missing you
please remember the comfort here
when you are gone away my dear
and know that you will always be
my shinny little penny

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