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Heaven on Earth

There's so much heaven here on earth
There's more than enough to survive
why must we go on hurting ourselves
through hatred greed and lies, greed and lies
Freedom, found in you and me
Freedom should surly be like this
Fall in the rhythm of heaven here on earth
I'm gonna live my life in Freedom
with my river of dreams
Have my children open-up & stop
to learn to live and breath
and if I have to cry I'll never live in fear
I can't deny myself everything is special here
Well there's so much Freedom here on earth
far more than mere money can buy
and if your shopping around now and then remember
That enough is enough is enough is enough to survive
When the act of the violence dies
and the world opens up it's jaded eyes
We are but one humanity
How many innocent victims will go under
To activate compassion and set new priorities
In the heart of you, In the heart of me?
Oh there's so much heaven here on earth
Far more than enough to survive
Keep your spirit alive
Let your spirit Fly
In heaven here on earth

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