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Political Song

I don't find it funny no more
cause I have been around awhile
an I tell ya boy's, I can read the score
they swing you to the left
and make it that you stay in the right
an I ain't talkin' baby here, no
Talkin' about political fights
It's alright with me if you want to to let them see you tonight
hey it's alright with me I've paid my dues singin' the blues at night

cause you can't take the woman away from the man
and you can not make a man change his stand
let'em roll, let'em roll away their, roll away their blues

now back in the alley, let'em roll on their blues
cause the line that their handin' out ain't no news to you
I have seen it coming for so long
I won't mind you your business
but I think that your wrong

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