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Nevada Skies
1997 Joyce Vetter BMI

The wind blew through me on a ridge top
The clouds they rolled off way up high
The sun it beat down on me
out of that blue Nevada sky

I've traveled up and down this old' western coast
picked my guitar out in Bangor Maine
held my toes in the Florida Keys
I've traveled the rugged north coast of Spain

Nothing makes me feel quite as free
as the sight of great wide open space, the desert sea
movin' on in waves of heat and light
and colors and sounds
in this ground my heart is found

Sweet running streams golden bars of light
weave shadows mystery in timeless flight
Rip jagged mountains embrace ancient shores
inherent beauty beheld by eyes, intrinsic eyes adore

A shrill winds beckon each season of change
with will of pride and passion all creatures remain
bound together in perfect harmony
Life's independent spirt, the independent spirt
running wild, wild and free



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