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All songs by Joyce Vetter except where noted
Share The Dream

The world is a Glow,
there's stars in the sky
except for the few
twinkling in your eyes
come a little closer,
life's much more clear
when your standing near

she would sit
on her swing all alone
likes running a river or
humming my song
and he with his brights on
soaring so free
high in the shy ,
a man and his dreams

Something in the shadows
keeps shinning through
open up the window
I'm in a windy kind of mood
hell moon has her brights on
and a fool has a dream
Iwish you the same

Standing at the edge
of a new life
The part of the story
where your staying alive
Invite one another, you're
gonna sit on that swing

Share the dream

River Runn' Down
By: Kate Baur

I Sit on the shore and watch the water go
I send my thoughts out to that swirling flow
I hear the sound of water roaring
and see the hawks above me soaring
down, down
And the we ride, and the we ride, on that ...

River running down, River running down
Thoughout that canyon,
on it's way back home
it's just a River running down
River running down
throughout that canyon

You know I find it hard to leave this time
So may things are laying on the line
But things just seem to change somehow
and these six strings are all that's gonna'
save me now
until we ride, until we ride

89-A ( The Beginner )

Headed down south on 89-A
Steve at the wheel
and our navigator Dave
Murphy The man
with a bottle full of wit
Wildman And Tina I?ll never forget

Well Godfrey's got him
a beer in his hand
Sparky sitting there,
he's a harpoon man
here I am crouched in the center
lord don?t you know
I 'm just a beginner

Well now for the first few days of our trip
Some might say we over trained a bit
But you never a re a s you are some times
so hush up your lips and pass me the wine

Oh, our trip leader Mr. Sewn
You never know just where or when
The warden, he?s waiting to check us all in
Swen Steps off a bus full of fat women

Now Ol? Sirgay, he?s always out to play
got him a new poll, he?s fishin? away
hey Roy Boy, what you say?
got no license, take that poll away

Now there?s Michael & Kim
our tequila drinkin? cosmic zen friends
N? Karen n? Thirsten n? ol? Drugless Doug
A sit-in? in the sand with a Jack Daniel?s jug
Captain Mabee
By: Leslie Eliele

Putting on a dagger in a three boat crew
seven on the paddle and a kayaker or two
There is beer in the cooler, water on the floor
Thunder in the canyon,..
Captain Mabee at the oars

Five miles down there is velvet to scout
pull on the oars when it's time to eddy out
listen to the river, study her well
or you?ll learn something new
there's water in hell

Maybe yes, maybe no,
Captain Mabee says go
Hey Ho the river she runs
Maybe left, maybe right
but you better hang on tight
Hey Ho the river

just around the corner
and there is powerhouse Run
Straighten out the ten man this could be fun
Mabee points to the left then he gives us a grin
So we paddle to the right , too late we are in
The waves come crashing, the boats they fill
Hearts are pounding cause the river she kills
but the rides not over there is a sleeper ahead
So we paddle like hell to a whole instead

But the chill sets in as we round the bend
and pull upon the sand along the river

all around the fire, the river rushing by
saying she'll return just what you give her
And all around the pines
are whispering mountain lullaby's
But no one ever see the river sleeping
The fire tuns to coals that warms and strengthens all our souls
While all along the canyon shadows deepen

When the dawn comes
and the morning bird sings
River people wonder what the new day brings
So they loosen up the ropes,
give the boats a shove
and find themselves
back on the river they love

The water Is white and the water it churns
the water is like ice
but the hot day sun she burns
sixteen people with a hunger to feed
a hunger for the canyon,
Captain Mabee at the lead
Ever Met A River

Have you ever met a river?
Ever heard the wind blow?
Ever seen the sunshine?
Like it do up in Idaho?

Well, the boys are dancing
floating their day away
Come on
down the Middle Fork
and we'll show
you a brand new Day

The River will hold you
right down to your soul
she'll give you memories
never let you go...

No this is my back yard
a very nice place to play
Got my friends
and the good times
Yeah, we're playing it
day by day
Gray Day

When your listening
Days like tomorrow
will turn you into sorrow
N? you turn back your fears
to a gray day out here

When you walk
I see the smile on your face
it?s leaving no trace for me
and if I had to stay
or to follow you
well I don?t know which way I?d go

It?s a long ol road
and I?ve seen it there
your smile in the haze
a darn old fog, old morning gaze

On the mellow of my heart
of my heart you have taken
all of this away
oh darlin?, on a gray day

How long will I go on
A wanting
a taste of sunshine
Someday when your near to me
I?ll remember, that somehow
You truly love me
You truly love me
Simple Happiness
Lyrics By: Jana Legarza

Here I sit with my mind at ease
the sweet smell of sage brush
and a cool summer breeze
it is here that
I feel the most at home
For my soul is free
and able to roam

Finding simple happiness
in nature and love
Never wanting more
than the freedom
of a soaring dove

It's times like this
that I want to share
My inner peacefulness with
someone who really cares
Now as the day
turns into the night
I smile to myself knowing
that I?ve live my life out right

Now the city is my residence
but the country
will always be my home
for it is here, my soul is free
and able to roam
Everything That You Do
All Comes Back To You
By Karen Drucker and Melissa Phillippe

Everything That You Do
All Comes Back To You
everything that you say is
gonna get back to you some day
and the love that you give
guides the life you live
Everything that you do
all comes back to you

Every time that you do something
to someone that was wrong
it's gonna come back to get you
and you know it won?t be long
cause sooner or later your
gonna be feeling bad
from pushing away the love that you had

Don?t you feel it when you smile
or show someone you care
don?t you feel real good inside
to be the one who's there
cause nothing feels better
than helping out a friend
it's a chain of love that will never end

Sometimes it?s easy to forget
just how simple life can be
we're here for giving and receiving
so give a little and you'll see
Roll On The Lazy River
By: Roger Tew & Joyce Vetter

Give me my boat and let me drift away
Who needs a job on a sunny day
Fish aren?t biting, don?t bother me
I just lay back and watch the scenery
Roll on, Roll on down the lazy river

Well the river keeps rolling
and the sunshine is nice
Got a picnic basket
champagne on ice
worm on the hook
feet?s in the water
Lord, don?t you know
were just doing what we ought to

Well ol? man river keeps on rolling
and the sunshine is nice
Got my Gibson tuned up
Cane poll rigged right
worm on the hook
feet?s in the water
lord knows
we just doing what we ought to
Roll on, Roll on down the lazy river
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